Welcome to the downloads section of iTech Online. Useful freeware and other programs will be listed in this section. More links will be added in due time, but here are a couple to get the ball rolling…

Ubuntu ( – Free operating system (Latest version – 12.04 LTS – supported for 5 years available NOW)

WinToFlash ( Nifty little piece of freeware that very easily lets you boot and install windows (XP/vista/7) from a USB stick – step-by-step guide on this can be found in the how-to guide section.

Steam ( – If you have not checked Steam out for PC yet, now is the time. Steam is the ultimate piece of software you need for all your PC gaming needs. With a games library of well over 1000+ games (Past and Present) that you can download, awesome profile/stats/friends list system and with truly the best special offers around, Steam is definitely worth a look !

Cube 2: Sauerbraten ( – Free Multiplayer/Single Player FPS. Cube 2 takes me back to the days of Quake – really fast gameplay and great fun. I downloaded this for Ubuntu and was addicted straight away. The built-in level editor is also a nice addition. No sign up necessary, simply download, install and play for as long as you wish. Check out the website for more info, screenshots and video.

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