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How to greatly reduce input lag on the LG 42LW650T 3D TV

A while back when I was browsing the web and retail stores for a 3DTV, my main concern was the input (or display) lag of the TV – since I would be using the TV primarily for gaming. So it was essential for me (and will be for a lot of you gamers out there) to do a bit of research on the TV’s that are good for gaming and also the work-a-rounds to lowering the input lag so that you can game happily.

Input lag occurs in every LCD or HDTV and is the time difference between a signal input being pressed (i.e a button on your controller) and the time is takes that signal input to be displayed on the screen. For example, if your playing a racing game and are approaching a left hand turn, when you press left on your controller you want the car to turn left as soon as you push left, not a second later or you will crash, probably. The same in shooting games, when you pull the trigger you want the gun to fire immediately, not 2 seconds after you tapped the fire button. The good thing is, most TV’s come with either a gaming mode and there are a few things you can do to greatly reduce the input lag to a point where you cannot even notice it (at least with this TV you can). Thus, making gaming an absolute joy.

Before I purchased the TV, I read a few reviews specifically about the input lag on the LG 42LW650T model (the TV I ended up purchasing in the end) where some people managed to reduce the input lag of this model so that it was not visible to the human eye, and others complained they couldn’t do it at all and inevitably had to return the TV.

So, after unboxing the TV I touched nothing, no settings, no nothing and deliberately set up my Xbox 360 and PS3 right away so I could get an idea of how bad the input lag was. I could instantly see the input lag, to a point where I was like ”this is bad, like really bad” – when rotating the camera and trying to manoeuvre my character about the screen, there was a very annoying 1-2 second delay which caused it to be rather clunky and I always felt the TV was a second or two behind me whenever I hit a button on the controller.

Continue reading to find out how to greatly reduce the input lag of this tv…

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It’s Turbo Time: 4GEE Network Rolling Out In The UK

A bit of news this week that really caught my attention was the announcement of 4G (mobile ultra-broadband) coming to the UK – with test networks already set-up in the Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff and London areas.

At last, we shall no longer have to wait long periods of time for things to download or buffer on our smartphones as EE, Everything Everywhere, announced 4G speeds will be spreading over 16 different cities in the UK by the end of 2012.

It was also good to see both Edinburgh and Glasgow added to the list of 16 cities that will get to experience 4G before the year ends. Pricing plans and other details are still to be announced.

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Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD revealed and heading to the UK October 25th 2012

This week Jeff Bezos (founder of online retail giants, Amazon) revealed the long-awaited and highly anticipated Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD.

Both devices are now available to pre-order (via the website – you can use the links above) on a first come-first served basis and are set to release on the 25th of October later next month.

A little while back, I know a lot of UK fans of the Kindle and Kindle keyboard 3G were hoping that the Kindle Fire was going to be released soon after it hit the shelves in the US, however it was later revealed that the UK were getting the Kindle Touch instead. Whilst a lot of fans welcomed the Kindle Touch, I couldn’t help but notice there was a bit of disappointment in the air at the time knowing it would be some time later, before they got their hands on the Kindle Fire.

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Review: Max Payne 3 (Xbox 360 / PS3 / PC)

By now, everyone should know that the people over at Rockstar Games always create mind-blowing games: the Grand Theft Auto Series, Red Dead Redemption, to name a couple.

Max Payne 3 is no exception.

Before we begin, lets take it back and have a quick insight into the first two games.

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PC Build

PC building isn’t difficult, once you have done it once it’s very straightforward the 2nd, 3rd, 4th…..time you do it. If its your first time, I highly recommend it, you will definitely learn a lot more about computers in the process. The first and foremost thing to think about is what kind of PC do YOU want to build ? Do you want a low-budget PC to do simple tasks or perhaps a high-end PC for gaming/video editing ? Once you have made this decision you can then go on to research/source the parts and then ultimately, go on to build the PC you want.

Anyway, lets crack on shall we?…

The PC my Dad had built about 4-5 years ago was in need of an overhaul – so, yes you guessed it….an overhaul it got.

Me and my oldman decided to upgrade all the parts and start a fresh PC build. After about a month of checking out many websites and various parts, it was time to order and get this beast of a PC put together.

I won’t bore you with the specs of the old PC, but in all fairness, it wasn’t that bad. It struggled to play some games I really wanted to play on PC and when editing videos it, well, definitely took its time.

Anyways, the new PC parts are pretty biblical – Check them out below…

It’s Showtime

More inside…

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Samsung Galaxy S3 | Live Launch Event – 7pm Tonight


Bit of a late post here but I’m at work (shh!), so need to keep it short and sweet.

Samsung’s launch event will take place at 7pm tonight (in less than 20 minutes) – where we will see the launch of the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone.

You can get Samsung launch event live coverage (via PC Advisor) using the link below:

Or, if you want live video footage of the event, follow the link below:

I’ll be watching this via my iPad 2 from my desk, oh yes !

iPad 2

Yes, you are reading this correctly and I know the iPad 2 to many of you is considered as old news now – however I’ve just recently jumped aboard the iPad train and realised what an awesome piece of kit it actually is.

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The Railway Man: Nicole Kidman & Colin Firth Begin Filiming In Edinburgh

As I entered the building where I work early last week, I walked into the main reception/social area and headed towards the lift – glancing briefly to my left for a split second as I tapped the elevator button. I saw a nicely dressed woman who I thought looked a lot like Nicole Kidman. As I was going up in the elevator my thoughts were flowing pretty fast; ”was that really Nicole Kidman?, nah…couldn’t have been, why would she be here?”.

Photo Credit: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

As the glass paned elevator moved slowly up I had a second glance and  it turns out that it actually was Nicole Kidman accompanied by Colin Firth,  I couldn’t believe my eyes. Last year I met John Malkovich in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile (2 minutes from my flat) who was promoting one of his friends shows during the festival and last week I was standing 7 meters away from Nicole Kidman.

Both stars, Nicole and Colin, arrived in Edinburgh last week and will be beginning to start filming tomorrow for the 2013 film, ”The Railway Man”. Other sources say they will be in and around Edinburgh, The Lothians and Berwick for the next 10-12 weeks shooting the movie.

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General News Section

I’ve decided to add a general news section to the site. Whilst most content on the site will relate to engineering, electronics, gaming and the world of technology, instead of creating a new blog – all random news will be posted in this section.

Topics which I am interested in, but do not necessarily relate to electronics will be posted in here – whether its upcoming sporting events, photos, random videos and thoughts – you can find it all in the General News section under the ”Misc” tab above.

Alternatively you can visit the General News section by following the link below:

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Demo (Nintendo 3DS)

That’s right Snake fans, you’ll be able to download the Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D demo when it goes live over on the Nintendo eShop later this week.

The demo is set to release this Thursday (16th Feb) and will give fans and 3DS owners a taster of what to expect in the full game when it releases on the 8th of March.

Snake eater, that was originally released on the PS2, is set during the cold war era in the 60’s and see’s Snake infiltrate and wipe-out a soviet infested jungle, in order to bring back a scientist held against his will.

Speaking of infiltrating, there is also another breed of 3DS infiltrating Japan for the release of MGS: Snake Eater 3D…

A special, black snake-skin edition 3DS console plus a copy of MGS: Snake Eater 3D. This has been rumoured to be releasing in Japan only, for now anyway. So if you’re looking for this on release in the UK or the US, you’ll more than likely have to import it.

I’m quite a big metal gear solid fan so will be downloading the demo on Thursday – if my better half decides she will let me use the 3DS of course. If not, then I guess I’ll have to go out and finally pick up a copy of the Metal Gear Solid HD collection.

Overall I’m pretty excited for the MGS demo and really want to see how well its been done on the 3DS – particularly the controls!

Will you be downloading the demo ? If so, let me know your opinions of it below or over on twitter.

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