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It’s Turbo Time: 4GEE Network Rolling Out In The UK

A bit of news this week that really caught my attention was the announcement of 4G (mobile ultra-broadband) coming to the UK – with test networks already set-up in the Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff and London areas.

At last, we shall no longer have to wait long periods of time for things to download or buffer on our smartphones as EE, Everything Everywhere, announced 4G speeds will be spreading over 16 different cities in the UK by the end of 2012.

It was also good to see both Edinburgh and Glasgow added to the list of 16 cities that will get to experience 4G before the year ends. Pricing plans and other details are still to be announced.

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Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD revealed and heading to the UK October 25th 2012

This week Jeff Bezos (founder of online retail giants, Amazon) revealed the long-awaited and highly anticipated Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD.

Both devices are now available to pre-order (via the website – you can use the links above) on a first come-first served basis and are set to release on the 25th of October later next month.

A little while back, I know a lot of UK fans of the Kindle and Kindle keyboard 3G were hoping that the Kindle Fire was going to be released soon after it hit the shelves in the US, however it was later revealed that the UK were getting the Kindle Touch instead. Whilst a lot of fans welcomed the Kindle Touch, I couldn’t help but notice there was a bit of disappointment in the air at the time knowing it would be some time later, before they got their hands on the Kindle Fire.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 | Live Launch Event – 7pm Tonight


Bit of a late post here but I’m at work (shh!), so need to keep it short and sweet.

Samsung’s launch event will take place at 7pm tonight (in less than 20 minutes) – where we will see the launch of the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone.

You can get Samsung launch event live coverage (via PC Advisor) using the link below:

Or, if you want live video footage of the event, follow the link below:

I’ll be watching this via my iPad 2 from my desk, oh yes !

iPad 2

Yes, you are reading this correctly and I know the iPad 2 to many of you is considered as old news now – however I’ve just recently jumped aboard the iPad train and realised what an awesome piece of kit it actually is.

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GTA III 10th Anniversary – Out Now for iOS & Android Devices

You will all probably remember my post about the upcoming GTA III game on iOS and Android device. Well, GTA 3: 10th Anniversary Edition has officially been launched on iOS and Android devices.

The 10th Anniversary edition is available from the Apple Store and Android market now for immediate download. The game is an exact replica of GTA 3 that was released on the Playstation 2 back in 2001. The iOS and Android version features: full touch screen optimised gameplay (obviously) and HD quality graphics. The game itself does include all the radio stations from back in the day as well, which is a nice touch (‘ – delivering little bundles of love, in a box, directly to your door’ – ring any bells? or what about the radio station ‘Chatterbox’ with lazlow – my personal favourite).

I wont be writing a review on the game itself as I don’t own any Apple or Android products at present. However, the only area I think that will take a bit getting used to, would be the controls, especially whilst in heated fire fights – there’s got to be a lot of ‘virtual button’ bashing done in order to survive.

I did find a great gameplay video over on YouTube of GTA 3 being played on the iPad 2 which I’ve embedded below , I recommend checking it out. Big thanks to TouchArcade for the video. Enjoy…

iOS 5 Update Sparks New Problems

iOS 5 had its first update last week that was put out by Apple to tackle a few bug fixes and improve the OS as a whole.

The 5.0.1 update had the following fixes/improvements in mind:

  • Improved Siri voice activation for Aussie users
  • Adds multi-tasking gestures for original iPad users
  • Resolves bugs with documents in the Cloud
  • Fixes bugs affecting battery life

Did the update solve the problem then ?

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Android Announces 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS

So the latest version of the Android OS (4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) was unleashed upon us this morning alongside the unveiling of the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus smart phone.

The new version of Android seems to pack a lot of upgraded features, with some-such as folder management, voice activation, and taking screenshots-already appearing on handsets currently on the market, such as the iPhone 4. It was also announced that the home screen, phone apps and everything in-between has been replanned and redesigned, making Android more useful, simpler to use and visually appealing than ever before.

I won’t cover all of the features here, but I have 3 favourites which I like the sound of…

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GTA III – 10th Anniversary (Coming to iOS and Android devices near you)

It’s true and now official: The world’s number one and everyone’s favourite crime simulator series hits handheld devices this fall!

GTA III: Makes a return to iOS & Andriod devices to mark it's 10th Anniversary

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Blackberry: Glitch-a-dee-doo-dah

”Glitch-a-dee-doo-dah, Glitch-a-dee-a, my oh my what a horrible day, plenty of glitches headed my way, glitch-a-dee-doo-dah, glitch-a-dee-a. Mr BBM doesn’t work on my blackberry, it’s the truth, its actual, everything is dis-satisfactual…”.

A song that Uncle Remus would have been signing back in 1946 if he had a Blackberry. True Story.

''I'm having one of them Glitch-a-dee-doo-dah-days''

This isn’t a bashing/annoyed at Blackberry post. I just thought I’d share the glitches I’ve been having with my Blackberry since yesterday.

I thought for a second the other day my Blackberry really was indeed, a crackberry and I wasnt far off with my assumption.

I was able to BBM my better half yesterday, then all of a sudden gone, nothing, not even a small ‘d‘ indicating my msg was delivered. Oh well,  my Blackberry’s on crack again I thought to myself.

Tried again later on at night and nothing, hmm, strange. Tried browsing the web on my Torch via wi-fi and 3G…nothing.

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iPhone 4S – Out 14th October

iPhone 4 on the outside, iPhone 4S is all about whats inside...

So Apple had its press conference yesterday and Tim Cook took some time in introducing the newest version of the iPhone family, the iPhone 4S.  But is it actually that good? Lets take a quicker look at what you’ll get with the new 4s…

First of all, the aesthetics of the new 4S are identical to the iPhone 4, so there are no changes to the overall appearance of the new device compared to its predecessor. Looking like an iPhone 4 on the outside, the 4S has had some power-ups on the inside…

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