The Railway Man: Nicole Kidman & Colin Firth Begin Filiming In Edinburgh

As I entered the building where I work early last week, I walked into the main reception/social area and headed towards the lift – glancing briefly to my left for a split second as I tapped the elevator button. I saw a nicely dressed woman who I thought looked a lot like Nicole Kidman. As I was going up in the elevator my thoughts were flowing pretty fast; ”was that really Nicole Kidman?, nah…couldn’t have been, why would she be here?”.

Photo Credit: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

As the glass paned elevator moved slowly up I had a second glance and  it turns out that it actually was Nicole Kidman accompanied by Colin Firth,  I couldn’t believe my eyes. Last year I met John Malkovich in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile (2 minutes from my flat) who was promoting one of his friends shows during the festival and last week I was standing 7 meters away from Nicole Kidman.

Both stars, Nicole and Colin, arrived in Edinburgh last week and will be beginning to start filming tomorrow for the 2013 film, ”The Railway Man”. Other sources say they will be in and around Edinburgh, The Lothians and Berwick for the next 10-12 weeks shooting the movie.

The Railway man is based on a true story about a Signal Corps Engineer from Edinburgh, Eric Lomax (played by Colin Firth), who was captured in 1942 and spent many years as a POW in the deadly Japanese POW camp in Kanchanaburi. Eric was one of many thousands who had to work on the Death Railway track from Thailand to Burma.

Credit: HellfirePass -For every piece of track laid, someone lost their life!

Nicole Kidman will play the role of Eric’s wife, named Patricia Wallace (surname now Lomax of course, and also known as Patti) – who helps Eric cope overcome his traumatic memories of his time spent in the POW camp. With Patti’s help, Eric is able to travel back to Asia to meet one of his torturer’s in an attempt to let go of a life filled with bitterness and hatred.

The film is based on the novel of the same title written by Eric Lomax himself and filming will start tomorrow, on the 30th of April 2012. The book itself is a great read and can be picked up on (also in kindle format) by visiting the link below:

The movie is due to be released sometime in 2013. Watch this space.


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