Tritton AX180 Universal Headset (Xbox 360/PS3/PC)

After using the standard Xbox 360 headset for about 6 years now, I decided it was well and truly time to upgrade my gaming headset. Having recently got a PS3 as well, I decided that I could not play online on the PS3 using my O2 bluetooth jabra headset as it was, in a nut-shell, complete garbage.

Anyway, after reading several reviews of different headsets and coming to the conclusion that a) I wasn’t going to spend £100+ on pair and b) they had to be universal – I decided to pick up a pair of the Tritton AX180’s.

Tritton AX180 Headset

Retail they sell for around £45 (Amazon, Game and Tesco), depending on where you purchase them, but I got these for a cool £30 in the end using some reward points.

The Tritton AX180’s are wired, and fully compatible with the Xbox 360, PS3, PC (Windows and Mac) and Nintendo Wii. Being fully universal was an important factor for me before buying, as I needed a headset that would essentially work on the 360, PS3 and PC.

The build quality of the headset seems good and looks the part too, the orange and black go well together and the padding around the ears make these a joy to wear. I find the headband really comfy, its got enough padding in there to prevent discomfort. The Tritton AX180’s also have a detachable flexible microphone, so you can use them as regular headphones as well.

In terms of weight, they seem balanced – a slight bit of weight to them but not super light either. Long usage hours are do’able without getting a sore head or ear-ache.

Photo courtesy of Tritton Technologies

I guess this varies from person-to-person as everyone is different at the end of the day. I personally find these very comfortable and can wear them for 4-5+ hours without them making me feel uncomfortable.

The headset also comes equipped with a volume/mic controller unit – which is attached to the headset cable. Thus allowing the user to adjust the game and voice-chat volume independently. You also have a small switch on the face of the audio controller that allows you to mute the mic and also select between the Xbox 360 or PS3 as the audio source, depending on which console your playing on.

Photo courtesy of Tritton Technologies

Sound quality is excellent, not quite your 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound found in higher priced headsets, but the AX180’s certainly produce some quality sounds. I’ve tested the headset with a few games, both on the PS3 and Xbox 360 and also some Blu-Ray movies – excellent stuff, especially at night-time when everyone’s in bed – you can have the volume up on these as loud as you like without disturbing anyone.

Setting these up on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC is really straightforward and should only take a couple of minutes to get them up and running. If you need help to set these up on Xbox 360 or PS3, have a look the PDF (3.7MB) in the link below:

Alternatively, leave a comment below or over on the twitter page and I’ll help you out.

Overall the Tritton Ax180’s are one of the best headsets in the sub £60-£70 category and great value for the money. The ability to use these across multi-platforms such as the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC is a definite plus and the sound is somewhat amazing. I’ve tried various other headsets (at friends houses) in the same price range and can say the Tritton’s wipe the floor with many of them. If you have a higher budget and want an even better sound/gaming experience, you should look at the Tritton AX720’s, Turtle beach PX5’s or the Astro a30/40’s. At the end of the day you get what you pay for right ?

Below I’ve detailed a couple of answers to questions I see being asked time and time again in a bid to brighten up some dark areas for people looking into buying the headset. I’ve also thrown in a couple of handy pointers that may solve some people’s problems they may be experiencing.


Tips and FAQ

1) Do I need a RCA audio adaptor for the Xbox 360 if my console is connected to the TV via HDMI ?

Right, setting these up on the Xbox 360 if you are using a HDMI cable from your Xbox 360 to the TV:

Many (including what it says in the Tritton AX180 manual itself) claim you need to buy the RCA audio adaptor – RCA Audio Cable Adapter for XBOX 360 + Slim, which is not included with the headset.

This could be true for some – if your TV does not have a headphone input slot on it, and only has the white and red audio component connectors instead, then yes, you would need to buy one of these.

However, if your TV has a 3.5mm headphone jack, then you do not need the RCA Audio adaptor for the 360 at all. You can simply plug in the green jack ( which is on the same thick cable as the USB and pink jack of the AX180 headset – see image above for reference) into the headphone slot on the TV. This will allow you to hear the game and voice-chat sounds through your headset. If you don’t have the green jack plugged into the headphone slot on the TV, then you will hear the game sounds from your TV speakers instead, and only be able to hear the voice-chat through the AX180 headset.

2) What about this hissing or buzzing sound some people complain about ?

Some people have reported to hear this ‘hiss’ when nothing is happening (i.e no game or voice sounds are playing through the headset – for example, at loading screens).

Yes, it is present (due to interference on the USB port of the console), but you can make it quieter/almost non-audible by adjusting the volume controls (just adjust the voice chat dial until it disappears) – it also helps if you are using a wireless controller and not a wired one. Using a wired controller on the Xbox 360 causes a lot of interference (see point 3 below about wired controllers)

Please note that when you’re in a game/watching a movie/listening to music etc,  you cannot hear the hissing sound at all (it’s actually closer to the sound of holding a sea-shell at your ear than a hissing noise).

3) Tip – Avoid using a wired Xbox 360 controller (Wireless FTW!)

If you play with a wired controller only, on the Xbox 360, forget this headset (or buy a wireless controller). I tested a wired controller with the headset on a few occasions and as soon as you plug the controller in via the wired cable, there is this most annoying and very loud whining/buzzing noise coming from the headset. This is due to interference on the USB ports of the 360 console.

Playing with a wireless controller on the 360 with the Tritton AX180 headset is 100% perfect, but if you run out of batteries and need to go wired, you can forget using the headset altogether – the whinning noise is so loud that you cannot hear the game sounds at all (even with the game volume up full blast) – seriously it will drive you mad. This may be a different story if you are using a third-party wired controller (Mad-Catz, MLG controllers etc), but I cannot comment on this as I carried out the tests with official wired and wireless Xbox 360 controllers.

Wireless controllers give optimal performance with the headset and produce very little to no interference what so ever.

4) Tip – Try not to use USB extender cables as these also increase interference

So I noticed in the audio settings on the PS3, if you have the game volume dial (found on the headset) turned up full, you can hear this high-pitched whinning/screeching/buzzing noise – This issue has been solved and was due to me using a USB extender cable (sold seperatley) to attach the USB on the headset to my USB port on the console  – this was done because having the 3.5mm green jack plugged into the back of my TV wouldn’t allow the USB of the headset to reach my console on the shelf below, as the wires are short (See below).

Separated and shorter cable lengths at base of 12.5ft headset wire

Please note that the thick headset cable itself is 12.5ft long – but the jacks and USB at the end of this wire are on separate shorter lengths of cable. The USB extender cable does add more noise to the line, so don’t use one. The only thing you can do, like I did, was move the PS3 or Xbox to a position where you can plug the jack into the TV and USB into the console, without the need of an extender cable.

Any further questions leave a comment below or drop me a tweet over on the iTech twitter page.


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  1. My son just got a brand new Tritton AX 180 headset to go with his Xbox 360 (wireless controllers) and he can hear voices on xbox live, and his own voice, but he can’t hear game sounds. He says there’s a low buzzing sound, but from what I’ve read that’s caused by interference from wired controllers, and he has wireless. His headset is wired because the Gamestop guy recommended the wired over the wireless because wireless drain batteries super fast and it’s a faster connection with wired.
    Any ideas of what might be going on?

    • Hi Sarah,

      In regards to the buzzing noise, this can be minimised by using a wireless controller (which your son has) and also by playing about with both the ”voice” and ”game” volume adjusters. You need to find a good balance between the two and your son will notice when the buzzing suddenly drops.

      If your son is unable to hear the game sounds from the headset its probably just a simple set-up issue.

      You can try the steps below, at least one of these should get the game sounds and voice chat sounds coming out of the headset.

      It all pretty much depends if the TV your son is playing on has a headphone slot on it and how he has the Xbox 360 connected to the TV (either with HDMI cable or component cables).

      First of all if the TV has a headphone slot on it and the Xbox 360 is connected to the TV via a HDMI cable, then all your son has to do is plug the 3.5mm heaphone jack (the green ended cable from the ax180 headset) into the headphone slot on the back of the TV and that’s it. This will allow your son to hear both voice chat and the game sounds through the headset.

      I found a simple to follow video of it here if it makes it easier:

      If the green jack is not plugged into the headphone slot on the TV, only the voice sounds will play out of the headset and the game sounds will play through the TV.

      If there is no headphone slot on the TV at all, then your son would need to buy an RCA Audio adaptor for the Xbox 360 (, then plug the chunky end into the back of the Xbox 360 and then slot the two female ends (the red and white holes) of this RCA audio adaptor into the red and white male ends of the piggback cable (this is included in the headset box – look at the top right hand corner of my 2nd photo down in my post to see the male cables I’m talking about). The green ended headphone jack from the headset would then be plugged into the green female slot (which is situated on the same cable as the red and white male/piggyback connectors I mentioned above – again see the 2nd photo down, top right hand corner, for the green female slot).

      Once this is done, the game and voice chat sounds will play out of the headset. You can also use the link to the pdf file in my post to reference the ”HDMI” set-up method (if the TV has no headphone slot on it). This will guide you on what cables go where.

      PDF set-up file is here for quickness:

      Last case scenario would be if your son is not using a HDMI cable to connect the console to the TV – then he will probably be using the HD component cable (labelled: Y Pr Pb L R ) instead. In which case he would need to connect the component cables from the Xbox 360 to the TV, and would then connect the ”L” and ”R” Audio (the pure Red and pure White connectors) from the component cable to the female end of the piggyback cable. The male ends of this piggyback cable are then plugged into the red and white Audio slots on the back of the TV. Final step is to plug the green ended headphone jack into the green female slot on the piggyback cable and that’s it done. You can also see a pdf of this set up if you click the link in my post – its the ”component cable method” set-up shown in the bottom right corner of the pdf file.

      It would be so much simpler if I could do my own videos of setting them up, but I don’t have a great camera at this moment in time.

      Hope this helps.

  2. I have the Gears of War 3 version of this headset and when I have the headset connected my Xbox wont start. I can’t find any help online. Help!

  3. My headset is making a buzzzzzz noise i van hear everyone but it’s annoying help me?

  4. My old Tritton AX 180 broke, but I got a new one. I plug it into PC and it makes beeps and buzzing sounds. I’ve got no problems with my old Tritton.

  5. The buzzing can be taken away by using a wireless controller but also no play and chare kit connected to wireless controller whilst having your microphone in to hear game volume push in the ”Game Volume” button to change game volume to stop hearing yourself (I find hearing myself better) just push in ”Voice Volume” button this is my first helping thing so i hope i helped Gamertag=Spooned Duck

  6. Hi my tritton ax 180 USB cable has got a break in it and the headset no longer works, the break in the wire is right at the USB, so i cant use wire strippers and insulation tape to fix it, can this be repaired or do I have to buy a new cable? Had my tritons for almost 2 years brilliant headset

    • You have probably sorted this already. Apologies for late reply.

      If the broken wire is right at the usb, you could cut the usb end off, strip the insulated coating back and then solder a new usb end on and wrap with electrical tape. I’ve done this many a time in the past with usb cables and with ethernet cables.

      • Thank you,i’ll get him to give it a go,i’ll get back to you if i have any more problems.Thanks for the reply, 🙂

        On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 9:29 PM, iTech Online wrote:

        > ** > smellslikevictory commented: “You have probably sorted this already. > Apologies for late reply. If the broken wire is right at the usb, you could > cut the usb end off, strip the insulated coating back and then solder a new > usb end on and wrap with electrical tape. I’ve done this many a” >

  7. My tritton has a buzzing noise whenever i use it on the ps3 and have the audio source on ps3 mode if i turn it to xbox then the buzzing disappears but i can’t use the mic then. It also turns up when i try to record audio on the pc. I have tried removing the power source from the laptop in case it was a ground loop thing but it’s still there. Any ideas?

  8. Hi,my son has just bought these headphones for ps3 ( the fat model) but cannot get audio sound,the mic works & the console has picked up the headphones in the input & output settings but no joy on the sound,we bought a HDMI cable thinking it would work but to no avail,any idea what the problem is? We know its not faulty headphones as this is the 2nd pair,we had the same problem with the 1st pair & assumed it was the headphones that were faulty. Thanks.

  9. Hi, I am trying to setup the headphones in my portable pc and I dont know how, can you help me?

  10. So on the little box almost to control the volumes and switch between ps and Xbox, what’s the plug in that says “Xbox above it?

    • Bit of a late reply here from me, been really busy. But that plug, you plug the supplied cable into there and you conbect the other end into the mic port on the 360 controller. You basically need it to chat.

  11. Hi there I just bought my partner the AX180 headset from cex but I have a headphone and audio port at the back if my tv and I’m using a HDMI My Partner can hear game sound and voice chat but no one can hear him could you help us please thanks

    • Hi,

      What system is he playing on? Regardless of that id make sure the mic is screwed in properly to the ear socket. If its not properly screwed in thenthe mic wont work so give it a hard push in and it should work.

      If that fails make sure the correct option is selected “ps3” or “360” on the headset control panel where the volume button is. Also make sure mute isnt on.

      If hes playing on ps3 also going to the ps3 dashboard and into “settings” –> “audio settings” and make sure the master mic volume is turned up there / not set too low.

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