PSN – The 12 Deals of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me….

Yes that’s right folks, it’s almost that time of year again and if you missed any of the Black Friday deals you’re in luck. As Sony PlayStation have revealed their 12 days of Christmas sale on the PlayStation network (PSN).

Starting this Thursday, the 1st of December (up until Christmas day) – the PlayStation store will feature 12 unique deals for you to unwrap.

Let’s just hope they are something special !

Each deal will only be available to redeem from the PSN store for 2 days, then it will be gone forever, so be sure to check out the PSN store to be kept up to date of whats on offer.

The 12 Deals of Christmas will start and stop at 12:00pm (GMT) on the following dates:

Christmas Deal 1 – 1st to 3rd December

LittleBigPlanet 2 + 10 free DLC packs (Jak and Daxter Costume Kit, Festive Goodies Level Kit, God of War Level Kit, Heavenly Sword Level Kit, inFAMOUS Costume, Killzone Costume Kit, Kratos Costume, Sackboy On The Run Dynamic Theme, MotorStorm Costume, Animals Costume) – €34.99/£24.99 (extra 10% discount for PlayStation Plus members)

Christmas Deal 2 – 3rd to 5th December

Up to 50% off Driver: San Francisco with an additional 10% discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers

Christmas Deal 3 – 5th to 7th December

Get up to 50% off Child of Eden in PlayStation Store

Christmas Deal 4 – 7th to 9th December

Section 8: Prejudice Holiday Bundle – £7.19 [£6.47 for Plus subscribers]

 – purchase Section 8: Prejudice for 30% off and receive the Blitz Armor Pack, Overdrive Map Pack and Frontier Colonies Map Pack for free this holiday season. Gain access to early unlocks, two armor skins, and four multiplayer maps in addition to the full game. PlaySation+ users will get a freebie, the PSone classics: Medievil

Christmas Deal 5 – 9th to 11th December

Deal: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine – £27.99 [£25.19 for Plus subscribers] PS+ freebie: another chance to pick up the woefully underrated Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battlecars.

Christmas Deal 6 – 11th to 13th December

PAYDAY The Heist – £6.29 [£5.66 for Plus subscribers]

PS+ freebie: Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse [full season]

Christmas Deal 7 – 13th to 15th December

Mickey Mouse PSone classic: £3.19

Christmas Deal 8 – 15th to 17th December

Resident Evil 5: Gold – £9.99 (£8.99 for Plus)

 Magic The Gathering 2012 – Free (for Plus)

Christmas Deal 9 – 17th to 19th December

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Complete Edition Bundle £31.99 [£25.59 for Plus subscribers]

Free Game (For PS+ Users): Plants Vs Zombies

Christmas Deal 10 – 19th to 21st December

Renegade Ops – £5.10

Christmas Deal 11 – 21st to 23rd December

RDR & undead nightmare bundle ( bundle ) £15.99 for ps+ and £19.99 for non plus

 FREE Game (PS+ users): Destruction derby PSone Classic

Christmas Deal 12 – 23rd to 25th December

Who wants to be a movie millionaire ( bundle ) £6.29 / £5.66 ( original price £ 9.49 )

 FREE Game (PS+ Users): Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

Well, there you have it, the PlayStation’s 12 deals of Christmas. I must admit that the only game I would have (probably) tried/downloaded, would have been ‘Payday: the heist’. Although I’m sure Steam had it for even cheaper than £6 last week, so I would have went with it on the PC instead.

Also, I noticed that a lot of the so called ‘deals’ from the PSN store you could/can buy them cheaper from Amazon. My oldman picked up a brand new, limited edition version of Dues Ex: Human Revolution from Amazon for £9.99 on the 18th of December, which completely puts the PSN ‘deal’ to shame.

Overall I reckon new comers to the PS3 console would be happy with a couple of the deals here, but for most, I don’t think any of the deals appealed to them in the slightest to be quite honest. Ah well, theres always next year, eh Sony?, *wink wink*


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