Sony Clamps Down On PlayStation Game Sharing With Policy Update

PlayStation gamers in the UK have now had the maximum number of console/handhelds link to their PSN accounts cut, from five to two as Sony update their PSN game content usage policy.

As of the 18th of November, Sony confirmed in a blog post earlier in the month that you can only have your PSN account linked to two PlayStation consoles and PSP users can only have their PSN account linked to two PSP systems. This change only applies to games & other content purchased on the PSN store after the 18th of November 2011.

It is clear that Sony has put this in place to stop people sharing games with their friends. When PlayStation users had five devices as the maximum, you could easily download a game from PSN then pop round your friend’s house, log-in to his/her console using your PSN account and let them install the game to their hard-drive.

The policy update from Sony simply means that from one PSN account, you can link it with up to a maximum of two PS3 consoles and two PSP devices. Sony will be setting up account management pages so PSN users can choose which consoles they want to link their PSN accounts to.

For the majority of people though this won’t be a problem as many people only own one PS3 and one PSP – or if your like me, you only own a fat PSP. I’m glad I only linked my PSN account (back when I owned a PS3) to my PS3 and my PSP, so I still have an extra PSP device slot spare. Which is going to come in extra handy when I pick up my PSVita in February next year, as there has been talk that the PSVita will be counted as one of the ‘PSP’ activated devices.


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