Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – First Impressions

The last couple of months has seen a few big-title game releases across many platforms. Gears of War 3, Battlefield 3, COD: MW3, Uncharted 3 and of course The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to name a few.

Whilst I’ve been trying to play most of them evenly (apart from Uncharted 3 as I don’t own a PS3), it has been quite a difficult task due to starting my new job. Serves me right for splashing out on all 4 games on the day each of them were released, but hey, at least I won’t have to buy any more games for quite some time now.

Anyway back to MW3. Due to buying Battlefield 3 a few days before hand I originally wasn’t going to pick up call of duty MW3 until after Christmas, but I did anyway. Just to clarify as well, this is no Battlefield fanboy bashing MW3. I own all the COD’s on the Xbox 360 (COD 4, WaW, MW2, BlackOps and MW3), the original Call of Duty on the PC and I also own Battlefield BC2/Vietnam and BF3.

Whilst I have only played the first mission in the MW3 campaign, I’ve tallied up around 8-9 hours of online multiplayer. Moral of the story, I’ve not really spent that much time with it, so MW3 may get better with time. The latter 5 words pretty much summing up what this article is going to relate to…

I jumped into the multiplayer of MW3 straight away and was a bit disappointed to be honest. After my first online match all that was running through my head was ‘isn’t this Modern Warfare 2?’. 8 hours of online gameplay later, and my thoughts are still locked at that. Yes, there are new guns, a few new killstreak rewards and a new game mode called ‘kill confirmed’ but apart from that, in a nut-shell, MW3 is essentially MW2 with new maps and a few new guns. The gameplay elements seen in MW3 do not differ from what we’ve already experience in MW2. Before release they claimed they had revised the MW3 engine multiple times, but I can’t  say I’ve seen any major difference from the MW2 engine. There are no new groundbreaking innovations here I’m afraid.

The only mode just now that is keeping me hooked, is the ‘survival’ mode. Which is similar to ‘Horde’ mode seen in Gears of War, where you have to fight off wave upon wave of enemies. Playing this with other players is tonnes of fun. I had a split-screen match of ‘survival’ mode with my girlfriend (she wanted to try MW3 out as she had never played before), it was actually brilliant. Hearing her screaming when the juggernaut was chasing her, or when the dogs were trying to chase her down was priceless and hilarious.

There are no changes to the way the game flows, host migration happens a lot, finding players to fill a lobby can take a long time. On many occasions I’ve witnessed people (including myself) waiting in a lobby for ages then just leaving because it takes so long for the room to fill up with players. It doesn’t happen that frequently, but when it does, its bloody annoying.

The graphics and such are exactly like MW2 as well. I thought maybe they would have put more details into the new maps in MW3 but nothing has really changed since MW2 in this area either. To reach prestige in MW3, it’s no longer level 70, they have changed this to level 80. So I can’t say they haven’t changed anything. I can’t make any comments on the Call of Duty Elite (which is basically a social network for COD gamers, allowing them to track stats, share game videos and enter tournaments) either as I don’t have it, won’t be subscribing to it, as I’m really not interested in it at all. Moreover a friend of mine who purchased the hardened edition told me recently ‘Call of Duty ELITE is not working, no-one can log in or experience it yet, Activision are working on a fix’. Another good reason why I can’t/won’t be commenting on it.

Comparing to battlefield 3, playing both campaigns on normal difficulty, Call of Duty is definitely the easier game. First mission on MW3 I was pretty much able to run and gun from start to finish. So I’m going to restart the campaign tonight on veteran for a bit of a challenge.

All in all, at this juncture, I don’t really have much more to comment on. As you probably got from this whole article, MW3 feels like MW2 to me with a new map, weapon and co-op mission pack. That being said, I am going to keep MW3 in my game collection for the time being and give it a chance. I am really only enjoying the ‘special missions’ and ‘survival’ modes of the game so far. First impressions are hard to change but I’ll see what happens. If my opinion stays the same way come Christmas/after new year time, I may put my copy of MW3 up for grabs in a competition.


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