Grand Theft Auto 5 Teaser Trailer (GTA 5)

Last week we were promised by Rockstar that we would all get a peek at the next installment of the GTA series and they stuck to their word…obviously.

The GTA 5 teaser trailer was released today and it’s looking really good so far. I had a look over it and heres what I can decypher from what I’ve seen so far…

Firstly, GTA 5 will be set (or mostly set) back in the ‘Hollywood style’ Vinewood area which was seen in GTA: San Andreas. In one section of the trailer you can see the Vinewood sign clearly shown. The city itself – looking pretty clear from the trailer thats its been modelled on Los Angeles. The shot of the mountains in the background also suggests the area we will be able to explore will be huge (city, city outskirts, mountains, highways) – kind of like the areas we got to explore in San Andreas really.

The main, un-named character who narrates throughout the trailer was looking to live the quiet, peaceful life but seems to be having a hard-time forgetting his criminal past. From the way he speaks it sounds like this guy might be some kind of ex-gangster.

Six seconds into the trailer there’s a dog running on the beach – a first for GTA, maybe we will be able to train a dog to maul our enemies, or perhaps there will be missions where we have to put-down some nasty guard dogs.

I noticed also that right from the beginning, the main character already has a very nice big house, so presumably he’s a wealthy guy already. Which differs from previous GTA games, as you normally start of as a broke wannabe gangster and work your way up to living the dream – with plenty of money, flash cars and hot women.

The scene with the crop-dusting plane flying over the feild (and the jets seen in two parts of the trailer) suggests we will once again get to fly planes (yeehaa). A blimp is also spotted around the 1:03 mark in the top left corner, which could mean we will be able to pilot that thing!

Referring to the built up city area packed with skyscrapers and also crowds of homeless people, I think its safe to say that the game will focus on the growing gap bewteen the wealthy and the poor. You can see people in tents, some homeless tramp holding a sign asking for money and also a man putting up a for sale sign on his house.

If you havn’t seen the trailer already, take a look for yourself below and let me know in the comments box what you’d like to see in the final version of the game.

I will be posting up more GTA 5 news/trailers as and when they are released.


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