Valve Announces Portal 2 Map-Editor DLC

Valve, developers of the Portal series have announced that the next update for Portal 2 will release early next year, allowing players to create and share their own single player and co-op test chamber levels.

No price tag has been put on the update yet, nor did Valve mention which platform(s) it will release on – all three would be nice!

The first update for Portal 2 included several new challenges added to both single player and co-op modes, alongside the addition of a leaderboard system – the update was released on the Xbox 360, PC and PS3 free of charge.

Valve also released a set of authoring tools back in May (which are available on PC via Steam), which were a set of modified tools that were used to put the game together. However in the new update set for 2012, the level editor is to be a lot simpler to use and more user-friendly so that even the total beginner can create levels with ease.

Portal 2 is the most hilarious, sci-fi, puzzle-adventure game to date, scoring a nifty 95% on most gaming review websites and it’s no surprise why.

Portal 2 just recently won the Ultimate Game Of The Year award at the Golden Joystick Awards in London and has shipped over 2 million units since its release.

Stay tuned for more Portal 2 updates.


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