Kawasaki tests tidal energy technology in Orkney

Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) announced it will test tidal energy technology at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in the Scottish Waters up in Orkney.

KHI are said to be developing a tidal power generation system which will be tested in the waters up North.

First Minister Alex Salmond welcomed the announcement from KHI by saying…

”It is a very welcome recognition of Scotland’s vast marine renewables potential.”

”Japan is one of the great industrial nations of the world and I am encouraged that it shares Scotland’s vision of building on a strong engineering heritage to harness our natural resources and generate clean, renewable power that can reduce harmful emissions and tackle global climate change.”

”Scotland has around one-quarter of Europe’s tidal energy resource and a growing expertise in offshore renewables, and I am determined that we continue to encourage world-leading companies like KHI to work with us in developing pioneering technologies that can power the economies of the future and benefit the generations that follow us.”

Also happy about Kawasaki’s decision to use the test site in Orkney was Richard Morris, Commercial director of EMEC who said…

“Our site is home to technology developers from across the globe, and our ongoing aim is to expand our operations in key locations including the Americas, Asia and continental Europe.

“There are significant wave and tidal resources in all of these areas and it is key that we continue to work with developers worldwide, to ensure we maintain and further grow our reputation for excellence both as a test centre and consultancy provider.”

Personally I think this is a big plus for Scotland as it gives us the chance to work and co-operate alongside foreign countries to further develop greener-energy solutions that our planet needs. Keeping in mind that Scotland has one-quarter of the tidal stream in Europe, renewable tidal energy systems-in my opinion-seem to be the way forward (over other renewable systems) in reaching our greener-energy targets by 2020.


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