Prank Time: Phantom Keystroker V2

To be fair, when your working in an office job 9-5 there is plenty of opportunity to pull off some wicked pranks, especially around April fools day. Whether its covering your co-workers desk and PC with post-it notes or disconnecting the monitor or ethernet cables, or even putting salt instead of sugar into your bosses cup of tea, there is another cool gadget that can provide a lot of laughs.

The Phantom Keystroker V2.

In my previous job, a colleague (or partner in crime) and myself decided to indulge in being the office jokers (probably after getting very bored with our ‘SSDD’ workload).

Anyway, after a short surf  on the net we decided to buy the Phantom Keystroker V2.

We both agreed to go into the office half an hour early one day to get it set up before the other staff arrived. And all I can say works, very very well !

The Phantom Keystroker V2 has to be the ultimate piece of office prank gadgetry I’ve seen so far. We tried it on a few different colleagues and all reacted lets say, in a similar manner (which involved a lot of swearing and restarting their PC constantly). One colleague even left the office to go outside for a smoke as his PC was ‘driving him up the wall’.

The stealthy device disguises itself as a normal USB stick and works simply by plugging it into any USB port on any PC (obviously). The Phantom Keystroker has a few options on the side of it, that lets you to control certain things. So-via the controls at the side of the USB stick-you can set the USB to move the mouse across the screen at frequent time intervals and you can get it to activate the CAPS LOCK key unexpectedly – so when your colleagues typing a document CAPS LOCK comes on all of a sudden then turns itself off after a given amount of time. You can also set it to type ‘keyboard garbage’ so no matter what your victim tries to type it will appear all gobble-dee-gook on the screen.

You don’t have to have only one of these features turned on at any given time either, you can have all 3 of functions ON at the same time if you wish, creating utter office-based torture.

So that’s a little background on the device. Now back to my story…

After plugging our seedy device into our co-workers PC it was a waiting game. 10 minutes later our to-be victim arrived, putting his jacket on the back of his chair and booting up his computer.  As to not look suspicious and to also from stop us from laughing prematurely, I got up and asked if anyone would like a cup of tea and at the same time asked Bryan (our victim) if he could send me the press release I was to proof-read.

As I made my way back to the office-to my surprise Bryan was already starting to lose his head at his PC (oh dear ha-ha)…

”This bloody PC has a mind of its own today Im not wanting caps lock on for C*rist sake” was the reply I heard as I walked through the door. My partner in crime giving me a sniggering look as he hid behind his computer, trying not to let the cat out of the bag.

We had the frequency set to low(ish), so the effects weren’t happening all the time, there was quite a bit of a time delay in there so the torture could carrying on without it being totally obvious.

A couple of hours later and Bryan was almost certain his PC was in the process of being hacked or had a real nasty virus.

 ”My mouse is moving by itself it appears, what the heck is going on. Think I could have a virus of some sort. Some of my keyboard keys are not working either, this is seriously driving me up the wall” were some of the priceless replies from Bryan.

 Both me and my colleague laughed the whole way through our lunch break, predicting that Bryan would have probably thrown his PC out the window before our return to the office.

Our predictions were not far off either.  On our return journey from lunch we could see Bryan standing outside having a smoke. My colleague asked him if he managed to fix his PC and he replied ”No, stupid technology these days, it never works when you need it most that’s why im out having a cigarette, otherwise the PC would be in the bucket by now”.

Going up in the lift to the office we just laughed and laughed, then decided we would pull the USB from Bryan’s computer so his PC would return to normal, but we never told anyone about the prank. Bryan still thinks some hacker was controlling his PC when in fact it was just the Phantom Keystroker V2 oding its thing all along.

Since that day, me and my colleague kept it as our little secret and used it on other colleagues throughout the office. Even when I left the job I don’t think anyone knew what was going on with their PC’s, most people would talk about how the PC’s in the workplace seemed like they had viruses on them, or problems with the mouse or keyboard (haha).

So if your just looking to play some office pranks or maybe there’s a colleague in the office you can’t stand and feel like playing a joke on, then the Phantom Keystroker V2 is for you. It will provide you with many many laughs its guaranteed!


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