Ubuntu Latest Version: 11.10 ‘Oneiric Ocelot’ Released

The long-awaited and most recent version of the Linux operating system, Ubuntu, was released yesterday.

Credit: Hameddanger - deviantART


Ubuntu 11.10 ”Oneiric Ocelot” (who comes up with the nicknames seriously?) is available to download now from the Ubuntu website, free of charge  (Check out the downloads section on iTech for the link). Version 11.10 is available in 38 different languages and current users of version 11.04 ”Natty Narwhal” will be offered an automatic upgrade to the latest version via the update manager.

For those of you who are new to Linux or are even in the slightest bit interested by it should check out the online tour of what you can expect from the OS. If it’s a tour of Ubuntu you want before installing it, click here

Oneiric Ocelot will also have standard maintenance updates which will be provided until April 2013. We were also informed, via the release announcement, that the next LTS (LongTerm Support) version, 12.04 ‘Precise Pangolin’, is due out sometime in April 2012.

Version 11.10 will include an upgraded and nicer looking UI,  changes to the Ubuntu software centre, a few tweaks that will improve system performance and many more. So not really any major overhauls being made, but with the minor improvements and modifications on 11.04, Oneiric Ocelot will surely create a new system feel for users.

Personally, I have only very recently (2 days ago) installed 11.04 so won’t be upgrading permanently to 11.10 yet,  as I still familiarise myself with Natty Narwhal.

I also installed a swav looking Mac OS X theme using the GNOME (aka Ubuntu Classic) desktop environment but according to the developers, they have dropped version 2 of GNOME in Oneiric Ocelot (it now has the Unity shell for GNOME 3.2) and im not 100% sure if my theme will work with GNOME 3 or not, but I will upgrade later on for testing purposes.

More details regarding Oneiric Ocelot can be found here in the official Ubuntu release notes. You can also check out the overview YouTube video below from ‘omgubuntu’, giving you an insight of what to expect in the newest version.


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  1. Heyyy I upgraded to 11.10 and you are correct in what you say…

    No great big changes but it does seem to boot up faster and thee new looks of the software center and other apps look fabby.

    Lynn xxx

  2. smellslikevictory

    Glad to hear it Lynn – Im going to upgrade my version today to play about with the Macbuntu theme, in order to clarify that it works or not using GNOME 3. I’ll also be checking out the revamped software centre and the improved chat program.

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