Review: Battlefield 3 Beta (Xbox 360)

Battlefield 3 beta has been out for over a week now and as the curtains draw to a close, it’s about time I shared some of my experiences throughout my ten days of  beta duty.

Xbox 360 and PS3 users could play the beta on one map, Operation Metro, in one game mode, Rush. Whilst PC gamers were blessed in the final weekend of the beta with another map and game mode, Caspian Border and the Conquest mode…

Setting foot on the battlefield for the first time, the two things which struck me immediately were the graphics and also the sounds effects. Both creating a very immersive and unrivaled sense of in the moment heated gun battles. Ok so the graphics probably arent as crisp looking as they would be on a spec’d out PC, but they were still nice on the eye. BF3 will release on the Xbox 360 on two discs, the second disc apparently containing higher-resolution multiplayer maps and the online mode, but we will see if this is the case come release day.

The initial spawn point sees you in a park, either trying to defend or attack SAM points. With the attackers trying to destroy them in order for the airstrike to blast a gangway into the metro station underground. The graphics on the trees, water, benches and other park-featured objects were very detailed (give or take the few graphical glitches I came across, but I’ll cover those later!) as were the clouds of smoke from explosions and tiny bits of debris that flew off nearby walls and other material.

The sound was also very impressive, which proved to be an invaluable aid in determining whats going on around you. Hearing leaves rustle in nearby bushes or splashes of water from footsteps in the water, gives you a good indication that an enemy is close by. The constant sound of gunfire and the different sounds for each gun were also very realistic sounding. Sounds of bullets peircing the wall beside me as I lay covered, sounded completley different to the bullets that were penetrating the trees behind me. Squad orders from team-mates sounded very genuine and military like which also contributed to the realism of the whole beta experience.

The blazing gunfights, especially at the escalator area of the underground blew me away every time. I recall blasting a hole in the wall with my RPG, shards of debris flying everywhere and then knifing two guys in the back and taken out the last guy on the ground with my AK. With all the debris and destructable environments amongst all the chaos it certainly adds a lot of intensity and fun to the game.

Of course, alongside all the chaos and fun of blowing stuff up and gunning people down like a maniac, came the downers. The glitches I came across though are probably down to it being in the beta stage, so I’m pretty certain these will all be ironed out before the final release of the game on the 25th OCtober.

Glitchy graphics of fallen trees – In one match a grenade exploded about 20 meters from  me and caused the tree beside it to collapse. Upon it collapsing the leaves on it stretched from one side of the map to the other, creating a massive weird looking….well collapsed tree. 

Team-mates at times in the prone position didn’t look like they were crawling along the floor but looked like they were sliding. This also happened to several team-mates in the crouch position, instead of walking it was as if they had a set of micro-wheels on (kinda like them trainers with the rollerskate wheels built-into the soles) – gliding about the floor. Pretty funny to watch actually, but a bug/glitch none-the-less. Watch this video of some other weird glitch. Video courtesy of YouTube user ‘FifaScythi’…

My soldiers addiction to vaulting over EVERYTHING – This annoyed me a tad, sometimes the vaulting over a bench or fence would work, other times he would have bad amnesia and forget how to do it. This cost me my life on numerous occasions, where I was trying endlessly to jump a fence but got shot in the back instead.

Upon death, killcam zooms under the map – Not sure what this was all about but it happened like 90% of the time I was killed. Instead of showing the player who killed me the camera would just go through the floor under the map.

I’m sure there are other glitches I experienced but these four kinda stood out from the rest.

So as the debris settles on the battlefield and the chaos of the gun battles remain only in flashbacks, it is safe to say that DICE mean business with Battlefield 3. I was disappointed a little that console owners didn’t get the chance to experience the true battlefield experience, with vehicles and the new jets in the Caspian Border map. However I’m kind of glad as well, as its giving me a lot more to look forward to come the 25th October. If you’re a Battlefield fan or if your just wanting to try out something new, then BF3 is definitely going to be a must buy.

If your interested in seeing more be sure to check back here, where I will review the full-game shortly after release and post up some videos (if I have my PVR by then of course).

**Sets off on foot to set up a rally point outside his local GAME store**


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