Blackberry: Glitch-a-dee-doo-dah

”Glitch-a-dee-doo-dah, Glitch-a-dee-a, my oh my what a horrible day, plenty of glitches headed my way, glitch-a-dee-doo-dah, glitch-a-dee-a. Mr BBM doesn’t work on my blackberry, it’s the truth, its actual, everything is dis-satisfactual…”.

A song that Uncle Remus would have been signing back in 1946 if he had a Blackberry. True Story.

''I'm having one of them Glitch-a-dee-doo-dah-days''

This isn’t a bashing/annoyed at Blackberry post. I just thought I’d share the glitches I’ve been having with my Blackberry since yesterday.

I thought for a second the other day my Blackberry really was indeed, a crackberry and I wasnt far off with my assumption.

I was able to BBM my better half yesterday, then all of a sudden gone, nothing, not even a small ‘d‘ indicating my msg was delivered. Oh well,  my Blackberry’s on crack again I thought to myself.

Tried again later on at night and nothing, hmm, strange. Tried browsing the web on my Torch via wi-fi and 3G…nothing.

I woke up this morning, new day and all that you know. BBM was fine at around 9am and now-7:45pm- its back at its crack addiction again. Not a major biggie for myself (as I could text my better half instead of BBM) I then ran into what seems a second glitch, getting cut-off during calls.
Fully charged my Blackberry this morning so it wasnt a low battery issue. My signal indicator at the top corner of my phone read ‘off’ then after 10-12 seconds, boom, it was back on again. This happened a few times today, calling different people, in different locations of Edinburgh (I made sure I was in an area where I’d receive full signal before dialling).

The weirdest encounter today however, was when I rang my mum and during the call she was put on hold (don’t know why) and the next thing I knew I was on the other line calling her voicemail ?

Whilst on the call initially there were no sudden hand movements by myself that could have possibly touched anything -‘by accident’-on the screen to put her on hold, never mind being able to ‘somehow’ call her mobile again and get through to her voicemail (whilst she was on the other line).

From some news articles I’ve read online and via Twitter it seems RIM know about the service problem and are trying to get it all sorted out asap.

You can keep up-to-date with service updates from RIM via their newsroom:

Luckily for myself it’s no state of emergency. I can live quite happily without BBM as I can also text, if needed. Hell people coped just fine back in the day when all they could do to communicate was write letters and send a messenger on a 300 mile epic voyage to deliver it, so im sure I’ll be just fine. Not too sure about the BBM junkies though!


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