Forza 4: Start Your Engines !

Over the past couple of days I have spent a bit of time drifting around in my BMW M5 and tearing up the roads in Switzerland using my brand new Pagani Zonda, thinking about Fridays release of Forza Motorsport 4.
But how can a recent graduate afford such luxuries you might ask?  The secret is simple, I can’t, but thanks to the Forza 4 demo that was released last week on XBL, I can (at least virtually anyway). Please excuse the camera-phone photo’s.

Zonda: ''Say hello to my little friend''


Forza 4 in one word is simply, unreal, and that’s just from what I’ve experienced in the demo. The graphics have been tuned up – the cars and racing environments you’ll be driving in are simply stunning. But graphics aren’t everything of course, the gameplay is astonishing as well, every car has its own sublime feel to it and I can only imagine the retail version is going to be a winner.

If the graphics don’t get your heart racing, then the sound effects definitely will ! Hearing that aggressive roar from a Lamborghini Murcielago or the ultimate Vtec sound from the Honda K20 engine – the sound effects in Forza 4 are very realistic and sound the business !

Upon entering the demo menu, your faced with two race mode options, quick race and rivals mode.

Quick race sees you choose from a small selection of cars to win a race around the Bernese Alps against AI opponents. As quickly as my fingers could tap the ‘A’ button, I hopped into my Ferrari 458 and gave quick race a good seeing to.

The sound of the 458 going through the gears was sweet music to my ears and the handling of the car was epic – this was the case for all of the demo cars by the way.

The Ferrari 458

1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator

Monster: Subaru WRX STi

Not only have the graphics improved from FM3, but the physics of the cars have changed too – all are very different from each other, giving off a true sense of realism. Having the race settings to simulation for races really does make it feel like the real deal. After a couple of victories and a final, massive, career ending crash into the barrier I decided to give rivals move a try.

Rivals mode in a nut-shell, allows you to play against your online friends and Forza buddies, even if they are offline. You set a lap time around a circuit, it saves your ghost and when your friend comes online, he/she can go around the same circuit racing your ghost, trying to beat your best lap time.

There will be a variety of challenges also, not just laps around certain tracks, apparently there will be 7 different rival tabs, each with their own set of challenges. Track days, drifting challenges, OpenTrack, Spec Hot laps and of course, the ‘Reasonably Priced Car’ challenge from Top Gear – which of your friends can go around the Top Gear test track in the Kia Cee’d the quickest ? (I’m really looking forward to this as well as Clarkson featuring in the games Autovista mode).


By beating your rival/s you will gain bonus credits and experience to help you level up. Once you have beaten a rival, a message will be sent to them informing them that you smoked their lap time and they get the chance to redeem themselves by beating your time. I had a lot of fun playing rivals mode in the demo, it certainly adds more competitiveness to the game and I’m very much looking forward to it in the final version.

The scenery in the Alps demo circuit is also something very special – with greatly detailed and huge snowy Alp mountains luring in the background and snow embankments at many of the Apex’s, the track is a joy to race around. The car damage effects when you have that nasty crash will make your jaw drop, and the sounds of each car engine ripping through the gears will smack a massive grin on anyone’s face. The graphics weren’t bad in Forza 3 by any means, but thanks to the new image-based lighting model in Forza 4, the cars look even sweeter than before going around the sharply detailed racing tracks.

Forza 4: Graphically stunning & Awesome Gameplay

From what I’ve seen and played with so far, I think Forza 4 will undoubtedly be crowned the King of Racers when it releases this Friday and a must buy for anyone who has a love for cars.  So, I’ll see you all on the track this weekend, but until then enjoy this preview video (courtesy of Gamespot) that’ll give you a taster of what to expect, enjoy…


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  1. I am buying a Xbox 360 on Friday along with this game. As I’m a Xbox Live Virgin (I’m a PC gamer and won’t be buying XB-Live until Friday) I did not get the chance to try the demo. It looks brilliant what I’ve seen of it so far though. Post back here on Friday with my gamer-tag if you fancy a race or two ?



  2. Reading this article a day or two ago made me download the demo and guess what? I picked the game up this morning and I’m enjoying every second of it. Following you on Twitter too! 🙂 J.

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