iPhone 4S – Out 14th October

iPhone 4 on the outside, iPhone 4S is all about whats inside...

So Apple had its press conference yesterday and Tim Cook took some time in introducing the newest version of the iPhone family, the iPhone 4S.  But is it actually that good? Lets take a quicker look at what you’ll get with the new 4s…

First of all, the aesthetics of the new 4S are identical to the iPhone 4, so there are no changes to the overall appearance of the new device compared to its predecessor. Looking like an iPhone 4 on the outside, the 4S has had some power-ups on the inside…

A5 Chip

Boosting the speed of the 4S up to seven times faster than the iPhone 4,  Apple’s new A5, dual-core processor chip will definitely pack a punch when it comes to running those new apps designed for iOS5. According to Apple the battery life wont suffer with the upgraded processor either. Apple have also redesigned the antenna so the phone can switch intelligently between the two antennas ensuring a great level of signal during calls.


The new iOS5 packs a lot of new features, at least for iPhans anyway. A notification centre and iMessage are the two that look familiar. But only because they remind me so much of what I already have on my Blackberry Torch. The ‘new’ notification centre, is basically a feature which holds all of your new notifications in one place. Friend requests from Facebook, text messages, calendar entries etc will all be displayed here. This is something that also features on Android devices too, but kind of cool none-the-less, so it’s no wonder apple decided to follow suit. 

iMessage on the other hand, is similar to BBM and many other ‘free messaging’ apps you have probably all seen (such as WhatsApp). It allows iOS5 users to communicate (by texting, sending photos, videos and locations) to each other through wi-fi or 3G. Other features of iOS5-such as improved safari and photo enhancements-can be found on Apple’s website if you wish to read more.

8MP Camera (+1080p Video Recording)

The new iPhone 4s has an upgraded 8MP camera that can also shoot full HD 1080p video. Although this is an upgrade from the iPhone 4. I have seen cameras that had 12MP cameras in them over 4 years ago so its nothing really new (but it is of course a first for the iPhone). HD video recording (1080p) has also been seen in Android devices, but im sure this feature will put a lot of cheesy grins of Apple fans faces. compared to iPhone 4, the new 8MP camera is to take photos around 33% faster and with its new CMOS sensor allowing 74% more light into it than the iPhone 4 camera, I can only imagine the photos will look pretty awesome.


The new 4S will pack Siri, a rather interesting piece of voice-controlled software that will let users give commands to the handset – setting alarms, finding restaurants, dictating texts, making calendar entries, finding locations on maps. From a video I saw yesterday, if you hold the home button a little microphone icon will appear. Then you give your phone some orders. For example, say ‘remind me its my mum and dads anniversary on the 14 September’ and the phone will create a reminder entry for that occasion on that date.

Ask the phone if you will need a raincoat or umbrella today, it will bring up the weather and let you know an answer based on weather results (but we all know how accurate the weatherman is right?). Tell your phone to wake you up at 7am and boom, it’ll set an alarm. Using Siri will also allow users to dictate a text message to the phone and it will write it for you, the robotic woman will also read you your texts if you ask her too.  Sounds all very good but I don’t think I would use this function personally, not unless I was driving, however I can see the advantages and times where it would come in handy.

Hopefully Apple will release a Siri voice pack in future, so instead of hearing a droning robot you could have some celebrity/female voice, like Penelope Cruz speaking instead (win).

This isn’t an Apple bashing post, as I have owned two iPhones in the past and enjoyed them to a certain degree. But I can’t help thinking that there isn’t really any significant changes being made here, not if you compare them to other phones that have been released in the past or are on the market today. My old Ericsson had a 12MP camera way back, and my Blackberry has had a notification centre and ‘free chat’ feature (BBM) for quite some time now.

Although the design remains the same as the iPhone 4, im sure these subtle upgrades will tide people over until the iPhone 5. For me, I’ll just stick with my Blackberry for now.

What are your yout thoughts on the new iPhone? Will you be upgrading or buying one, or maybe your alergic or just dont like Apples ? Let me know in the comments box below…


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