Crysis Releases on Xbox 360 & PS3 Next Week

''I didn't eat your last rolo I swear!!''

Crysis, originally released for the PC back in November 2007, is suited-up for its re-release on Xbox Live and PSN next week…

Personally I didn’t get the chance to play the first Crysis on PC (purely because my PC at the time was like a dinosaur with really bad arthritis). Crytek’s president Cevat Yerli gave this as one of the reasons to re-release it on consoles – due to a lot of gamers not being able to experience the PC version first time around.

For the re-release Cevat mentioned that they have tweaked the nanosuit controls to mirror the ones seen in Crysis 2. He also pointed out that a lot of time & effort has been put into the console version, in terms of rebalancing the game and adding brand new features (such as a new lighting system and special effects) ensuring the entire Crysis experience is a tense, challenging, and captivating one for all.

So will it be any good as a console version?

I did pick up Crysis 2 for the 360, which I thought was, well, not bad! Graphically, the game was amazing, but after a single play through of story mode and a few games of multiplayer, I just lost interest and ended up selling my copy. With that in mind and Crysis being re-released on the same day as ‘Rage’ and in the same month as BF3, I wont be picking Crysis up straight away – ”cloaked engaged”.

Also keeping in mind that you can pick up a copy of Crysis 2 for 12.99 over on Hmm. This re-release will appeal to many but for others and myself, it wont be at the top of our wish-lists.

Crysis will be available on October 4th on both Xbox Live & the PS Network for 1600 MS points and £15.99 respectivley.


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